My name is Leon McBryde also known as Buttons, Oz and Santa Claus. I would like to thank you for considering ProKNOWS® and ProFACE® products. As a performing entertainer, I understand the needs of the professional. ProKNOWS® and ProFACE® are dedicated to providing the best and safest products for the working entertainer. Our promise to you is to stay on the cutting edge of technology for our industry. None of our products are tested on animals, and ProKNOWS® and ProFACE® products are environmentally friendly.

ProKNOWS® clown noses and accessories have become the leading brand for entertainers world-wide. The patented technology that is behind ProKNOWS® offers the best, form-fitting, lightweight and safeclown nose in the world. Remember, when choosing your clown nose don’t blow it, pick ours.  🙂

ProFACE® professional clown makeup is exactly that – designed by and made for professionals. Any full time performer knows that wearing makeup for extended periods of time can be stressful to your skin. ProFACE® has overcome that by creating a highly pigmented, waterproof clown makeup that is not only smooth and creamy but actually good for your skin. Added moisturizers and vitamins pamper your skin while you wear it. And an extra bonus for anyone working outdoors – sunscreen. Available in a large economy size and smaller travel size for special colors and your „touchup“ bag.

If you are a professional entertainer, don’t settle for anything but the best.
Try us today and see why professionals pick ProKNOWS noses and ProFACE makeup.